Soul Satellite Radio Show – March 12th 2012 + Extended Podcast!!!

The latest Soul Satellite Radio Show is up along with a special “Extended Podcast” mix exclusive to The Deck Room.

Click here to check them out and remember to subscribe using the RSS & iTunes links if you want my latest mixes as soon as they are available!!!


New Deck Room

Well it has been a long time coming, but I’ve finally had the time to put together a brand new website to freshen the image of The Deck Room and more importantly, allow for updates to be made much more easily.

On here you will find regular updates as I post new Soul Satellite Radio Shows on a fortnightly basis and a few other cheeky bits and bobs along the way too.

As things stand you will see that the latest mixes have already been added and eventually I hope to pop on as many as possible. The mailing list feature has also been removed to make way for RSS updates, so please follow this blog if you want to find out about any new radio shows and features as I add them.

Finally for those of you who have visited the previous versions of this website and are looking for any legacy mixes that have been taken down, please feel free to add me on Facebook and I’ll sling them through.